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Motivational Workshops


Regardless of your industry, your staff is your most valuable asset. Continued motivational workshops are essential to keep them vibrating the highest frequency at positives and happiness.



Our recruitment policies includes advertising for the requested position, credit reference checks on candidates, immigration checks as well as aptitude tests prior to presenting to client.

Training & Development


Our training and development programs includes all processes to increase success of workflow charts, attendance and success of sales teams at meetings.

Message from our CEO

Our CEO - Coach Lee Levy has been in Dubai since 2009. 

We are thankful for the success that every client of ours have and continues to enjoy in Dubai, not limiting to various cities around the world in London, Abu Dhabi, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Oman, Doha and many more.

This is a result of continued monitoring of their staff performances, the commitment of the company itself for expansion and naturally speaking the support from my phenomenal team.

There is no company worldwide that wil be able to sustain itslef without proper structure, systems and workflow charts. We ensure the most streamlined structures are implemented to ensure expansion of our clients' company.

Reach out for meeting

We are always keen to meet with you to speak positive possibilities to your company expansion.

Third Book released by Dubai Life Coach Lee Levy


The Title

The title kind of speakings volumes of what most of humanity is living by. Having had ENOUGH of suffering, pain and hurt.

The content

The book offers advice and guidance whilst offering case studies on various aspects of our lives, personally and professionally.  

How to receive copy

My books are not for sale. Please send your email with contact details and reason why we send you a copy. When yo are done reading, then you make charity in my name on the value you found the book brought to you. 

Your email you send to accounts@dubailifecoach.com


Motivation advice by Dubai Life Coach Lee Levy

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