Detailed Services

Real Estate Training


Since 2009, Fresh Ideas Consulting have been training real estate agencies, developers and management staff in these industries. Our training program includes admin, marketing, management and sales team structures, systems, operations and increases the turnover of the company. Or you get 100% refund of your fees paid.

Food & Beverage Hospitality


Fresh Ideas team increases the morale of your cafe, restaurant, lounge or hotel staff with detailed service training and motivational workshops. 

Your teams success is directly related to the Management style, so we spend more time training Management in this industry.

Since 2017, we have increased our presence in supply of recruitment services in Food & Beverage industry.

Dubai Recruitment


In Dubai there are over a million people looking for jobs on a daily bases. This makes it increasingly difficult for companies to source quality staff, they are inundated with resumes from candidates who might not have experience or qualified for said position.  

Jointly, our team has in excess of 45 years in recruitment in Management, Sales, Marketing and various administrative positions.

Management Training


Coach Lee quotes that their is a huge difference between a manager and a leader. A Manager will tell the staff to do a task or duty while a Leader will show staff how to get it done over the shortest period whilst executing the highest standards of services.

We create leadership training programs for your teams.

Customer Care Training


Our Customer Care programs teaches your team how to speak on the phone. Dealing with complaints, sourcing new business and exploring the increase our company position in the industry.

Marketing Training


Marketing in Dubai is no different than marketing anywhere else in the world. Except that the Dubai market is very demanding so our team ensures we are on the cutting edge with technology, advice and guidance to our continued increase of premium clients.

Motivation Video by Dubai Life Coach Lee Levy

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